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Just A Bit Equestrian Center

Summer Camp 2011

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Summer Camp 2011
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June 13-17 with camp program on June 18!



• Family Atmosphere

• Horses, Nature, New Friends

• Self-confidence Building, Positive Approach

• Lots of Fun


JUST A BIT EQUESTRIAN CENTER will have Summer Camp 2011 (June 13-17). Camp is being offered to riders of any riding ability and age at the fee of $275.00 for the week.

JUST A BIT’S program consists of the daily care of the horses, crafts, riding, great friends and lots of fun.


Camp is from 8:00am to 5:00pm.


JUST A BIT will hold a show

on Saturday (June 18) for relatives and friends to demonstrate the skills the riders have developed during the week. A covered dish picnic will follow the program. Awards and camp certificates will be presented during the



A deposit of $100.00 must be paid by TBA to ensure a place at camp. Space is limited!